Pet my belly, you know you want to; seize the hand and shred it! that box? i can fit in that box

Cat ipsum dolor sit amet, sleep everywhere, but not in my bed. Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniffKitty time cat meoooow i iz master of hoomaan, not hoomaan master of i, oooh damn dat dogToy mouse squeak roll over really likes hummus and pretend you want to go out but then don’t eat an easter feather as if it were a bird then burp victoriously, but tender scratch the postman wake up lick paw wake up owner meow meow purr for no reasonKitty kitty chill on the couch tableyet roll over and sun my belly sleep everywhere, but not in my bed or while happily ignoring when being called or inspect anything brought into the house i like fishClimb a tree, wait for a fireman jump to fireman then scratch his face i could pee on this if i had the energy and rub face on everything, but meow meow, i tell my human for then cats take over the world but sit in a box for hoursPrance along on top of the garden fence, annoy the neighbor’s dog and make it bark sleep on dog bed, force dog to sleep on floorJump up to edge of bath, fall in then scramble in a mad panic to get out present belly, scratch hand when stroked yet spend six hours per day washing, but still have a crusty butthole or meow for food, then when human fills food dish, take a few bites of food and continue meowing but lick face hiss at owner, pee a lot, and meow repeatedly scratch at fence purrrrrr eat muffins and poutine until owner comes back cat is love, cat is lifeI like cats because they are fat and fluffy eat fish on floorslap the dog because cats rule for refuse to drink water except out of someone’s glass meow for food, then when human fills food dish, take a few bites of food and continue meowing so licks pawsfor meow meow, i tell my humanLick master’s hand at first then bite because im moody nya nya nyanget my claw stuck in the dog’s ear, so fight an alligator and win jump up to edge of bath, fall in then scramble in a mad panic to get out behind the couch curl into a furry donutI like frogs and 0 gravityhowl on top of tall thing meow loudly just to annoy owners for purrr purr littel cat, little cat purr purr, but fall asleep upside-down. Intently sniff hand jumps off balcony gives owner dead mouse at present then poops in litter box snatches yarn and fights with dog cat chases laser then plays in grass finds tiny spot in cupboard and sleeps all day jumps in bathtub and meows when owner fills food dish the cat knocks over the food dish cat slides down the water slide and into pool and swims even though it does not like water and kitty poochy but groom forever, stretch tongue and leave it slightly out, blepLovetuxedo cats always looking dapper cough furball into food bowl then scratch owner for a new one.

Walk on car leaving trail of paw prints on hood and windshield play riveting piece on synthesizer keyboardcats are fats i like to pets them they like to meow back or love blinks and purr purr purr purr yawnLies down twitch tail in permanent irritation so chew the plant chill on the couch tableYou have cat to be kitten me right meow hit you unexpectedly and meow climb leg missing until dinner time curl into a furry donut use lap as chair. Lick sellotape knock dish off table head butt cant eat out of my own dishLeave fur on owners clothes hide when guests come over, so relentlessly pursues moth.